6 Nerdy Jigsaw Puzzles

Well, aren’t jigsaw puzzles already nerdy? Maybe we can imagine an old-school nerd, lacking in a social life, spending time with grandma, putting together some tired old puzzle. Maybe the puzzle is like a Thomas Kincaid painting, or 1950s diner, or some winter landscape. Isn’t that what jigsaw puzzles are like?

Nope. Let’s do jigsaw puzzles that are a bit more modern. When you pick the right puzzle, and the right company, doing a puzzle can be one of the most chill ways to spend time with friends or partners. DM didn’t show up to D&D night? Need an intimate date? Jigsaw puzzles can be surprisingly social.

So what kind of puzzles do you bring to your friends? Here’s a few interesting choices.

Dragon Age - Cast of Thousands

While Mass Effect gets most of the attention, Dragon Age is arguably a better series. With a rich fantasy setting filled with intriguing characters, the stories in Dragon Age inspire an ardent fan base. Let your Dragon Age fan friends regale you with riveting fantasy tales while putting this puzzle together.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Kitsch and Neokitsch

There’s at least one positive thing you can say about the troubled Cyberpunk 2077 - it looks amazing. CD Projekt Red has absolutely nailed the aesthetic, including the effects that complex technological, political and economic changes have on how people express themselves. Debate the subtle relationship of technology and humanity while doing these stylish puzzles - or just complain about how buggy the game is, like the rest of us.

Japan Map

When you think about it, a huge amount of nerd culture comes from Japan. From animation to comics to video games, Japan has had a large influence on wide swaths of nerd culture, at the least. If your puzzle partner is an anime fan or JRPG enthusiast, they’ll love doing this puzzle. It’s a quick, breezy trip through the highlights of the beauties of Japan’s culture.

Harry Potter 200-Piece Puzzles 

This series of fun little 200-piece puzzles are more than they seem. Of course, these can be excellent gifts for a Harry Potter fan. But the 200-piece format isn’t good for just gifting - they can easily be completed in an evening. They bring a nice, cozy vibe to a date, spiced with a little bit of fandom and nostalgia.

Critical Role - Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein

The exploits of the characters on Critical Role have attracted not only their own ardent fandom, but introduced D&D and RPGs to more people than ever. The series has covered two campaigns, one following the group Vox Machina and the other following the Mighty Nein. These puzzles bring the characters from each campaign to life in style. Even if you or your puzzle buddies aren’t Critters, the colorful and detailed art make these fun jigsaws to assemble.

Simpsons - Cast of Thousands

At first it doesn’t seem like The Simpsons are particularly nerdy. There’s no magic or aliens or steampunk zeppelins or anything else fantastical. But the things that Simpsons fans cling to is the dense and intelligent jokewriting, and the sense of humor characterized by nuance and wit. And as can be expected for a franchise with such extensive history, the wild cast of characters is immense. This tribute to the unique and hilarious characters from The Simpsons creates a jigsaw puzzle with the same high level of detail (and yellow) as the show.

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