Fog of Love | Limelight Series

Board games for couples are one of the biggest parts of the board game hobby. And fortunately, there’s plenty of interesting two-player games out there for them. One of the most interesting two-player games is Fog of Love.

Fog of Love is a storytelling game where players cooperatively create their own romantic comedy story. This story will be full of the drama, sweetness, twists and turns as anything Hollywood has ever produced. Each player gets their own character, with their own hidden personality traits and relationship goals. Over the course of several episode cards, players reveal details about their characters and try to achieve happiness points. And, the final reveal may not be what you think!

Fog of Love is a very different kind of board game where winning with a high score isn’t necessarily the objective. When players use their creativity and whimsy to make their decisions, Fog of Love becomes one of the most memorable board game experiences ever.

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