Mariposas - How does it compare to Wingspan?

The board game Mariposas comes from one of the most impressive game designers in recent memory. Elizabeth Hargrave, the designer of Mariposas, gained a large amount of notoriety from the highly praised Wingspan in 2019. Wingspan went on to win many prestigious awards, including the long-running well-respected Spiel Des Jahres.

So how does Mariposas fair against the strong gusts of Wingspan? Mariposas touches on a similar theme. It is a very zoology-oriented game. Mariposas tells the story of monarch butterflies and their yearly migration from Mexico to the US and Canada, and back again. Since monarch butterflies don’t have lifespans to complete the migration, players must plan ahead to make sure they have butterflies that can return to their summer home.

For gameplay, Mariposas seems to be fluttering along. Wingspan is such a tough act to follow, so Mariposas is forced to bring a different level of intensity to the kitchen table. It does this by being light like a butterfly. Mariposas strips down the ferocity of the gameplay of Wingspan, but reducing the number of rules, strategies and decisions. The game is not any less fun because of this, but it strikes a balance not seen in Wingspan. Mariposas is much easier to pick up and play, and reduces the decisions tree(s) for those who don't want to play as competitively.  

Mariposas has an impressive pedigree and a fantastic theme. It’s suitable for families, hobby game fans, or anyone else looking for a cool, unique experience. For those who loved Wingspan, this is another great addition to your collection. 

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