Boss Monster - Vault of Villains Expansion



It's a miniboss mini-expansion! Vault of Villains allows you to power up your rooms with minibosses, payable and promotable minions that make rooms stronger and stronger! Includes 15 minibosses (enough for any Boss Monster base game) and enough coin generating rooms to keep them paid! Also includes five new bosses and 8 new spell cards.

★ Upgrade your dungeon by hiring one of 15 all-new Minibosses!
★ Generate Coins to unlock new powers with 35 new Rooms!
★ Expand your 5-6 player games with new Crash Landing cards!
★ New Bosses, Spells, and more!

*Vault of Villains is a mini-expansion of 64 cards. It requires Boss Monster 12 or 3 to play. It is fully compatible with all Boss Monster sets.

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