Bag of 50 Assorted Loose Mini Polyhedral d20s



Each bag contains:

4 x MB2081 Borealis® Icicle/light blue; 4 x MB2087 Borealis® Royal Purple/gold;
4 x MC2005 Scarab® Jade w/gold; 4 x MF2050 Festive® Mosaic™/yellow;
4 x MF2062 Festive® Circus w/black; 4 x MF2066 Festive® Waterlilly™/white;
4 x MM2095 Marble Green/dark green ;4 x MN2057 Nebula® Nocturnal™/blue;
4 x MR2004 Glitter Ruby/gold; 5 x MT2074 Translucent Red/white ;
5 x MT2085 Translucent Teal/white; 4 x MV2000 Vortex® Bright Green/black

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