Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Came the Monsters of Midwinter (Holiday 2022 Module)



Star Notch, a town that keeps the Sovereignight more joyful and true than any other in all the Shudder Mountains, is beset by a host of evils so horrible as to try the faith of honest folk. When a group of fiendish creatures strike at the town’s heart, it’s up to our mountain heroes to vanquish an ancient evil and restore the light of the Divine to the hills.

This is a 2nd level adventure set in the Shudder Mountains and if the adventurer’s play their hand well, they just might learn the true meaning of the season."
A high-impact holiday adventure featuring equal parts role-playing opportunities, battles against savage monsters, and celebrating the season.

Comes with a scratch-off handout that can permanently grant characters new and improved abilities, contacts, and in-game benefits, making it a sure-fire must have for ongoing Shudder Mountain campaigns

Presents the town of Star Notch, expanding the Shudder Mountains and giving players a possible new base of operations.
Includes several new monsters and magical rites subtitle for any Shudder Mountains campaign.

Written by Brendan LaSalle with cover artwork by Stefan Poag.

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