Color It!



Roll the dice and color your world

In the merry land of Kaleido, some of the colors have disappeared! It's the players' job to make the houses, flowers, hot-air balloons and rainbows shine in the most amazing colors once again! Save Kaleido by rolling the dice and choosing your colors wisely in two game variants. The first player to color in their sheet wins!

 4 coloring sheet designs (with 20 sheets each), 10 colored pencils in 5 different colors, 2 color dice, 2 number dice, 1 rulebook.
• Choose one of the 4 coloring sheet designs and give one to each player. Keep the pencils, the number die, and both color dice nearby.
• Take turns in a clockwise direction. Roll the die. Look for a free space that matches the number rolled and color the space in with one of the colors rolled. If the die shows a star you can pick any color you want.
• Is there no space to color in with that number? Then wait until your next roll.
• A game variant: The roll of the dice applies for all players and certain areas must be all the same color (for example, a row of the rainbow).
• The first person to color in all of their picture is the winner.

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