Transformers TCG: Metroplex Deck




  • Control the power of a Titan! Get the Transformers TCG's first 25-star character: Metroplex// Autobot city, A foil Transformers Titan character card.
  • Roll out! Team up with Metroplex and his 3 Component bots, Scamper, six-gun, and Slammer.
  • Prepare for battle: the deck of 40 battle cards includes 3 battle cards—rally the city, height advantage, and protected by Metroplex— not available in the Autobots starter set or Transformers TCG booster packs.
  • Convert! You can flip most Transformers character cards from Bot mode to Alt Mode and back—and one side of each character card is foil!
  • Collect! Build! Battle! In Transformers TCG, players build a team of Transformers character cards and a deck of battle cards, and then jump into battle!


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