Starfinder RPG: Flip Mat - Basic Terrain



An Alien Landscape, An Abandoned Space Station, The Twisting Corridors Of Your Own Starship—The Possibilities For Adventure Are Endless With Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain! Appropriate For Use With Any Roleplaying Game, This Invaluable Gaming Accessory Presents Two Subtle Textures—Dusty Ground And Metallic Grating—Providing Game Masters A Blank Canvas On Which To Create Any Terrestrial Battlefield, Space-Age Facility, Or Adventure Set Piece They Desire. A Special Coating On Each Flip-Mat Allows You To Use Wet Erase, Dry Erase, And Permanent Markers With Ease! Removing Permanent Ink Is Easy—Simply Trace Over Any Permanent Mark With A Dry Erase Marker, Wait 10 Seconds, Then Wipe Off Both Marks With A Dry Cloth Or Paper Towel.

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