Over the Edge RPG 3rd Edition



The game of enigma and conspiracy, reimagined by its creator for a new generation of roleplayers.

The twisted RPG of counter-culture conspiracy, weird science, and urban danger comes roaring back in a completely reimagined edition.

Get into trouble. Question your place in the crazed multiverse. Take a draught of madness. Transcend mortal limits. Fight a baboon.

Please remember that Liberty is Job One, Disarmament Means Peace, It’s Polite to Speak English, and of course, Paranormal Activity is perfectly legal. Thank you for your consent.

Gameplay Basics

• Fast, dramatic character creation that’s laser-focused on creating dynamic, active characters. Player-defined traits establish what characters can do. Each PC’s Trouble and Question drive the story.
• A simple 2d6 resolution mechanic uses a lightning-fast comparison of level and difficulty to generate rerolls.
• Inject shocking, unexpected outcomes into the narrative through good twists, bad twists, and "twist ties."
• Three strikes and you’re dead. But unless you’re at risk of your third strike, you can safely take big risks, electrifying gameplay with exciting moments.

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