The Habituation of the Stone Giant Lord



A compilation of eight adventures written by young people during the early days of tabletop fantasy gaming, presented as they were created in original form and format. Includes an interpretative essay by Jon Peterson of Playing at the World. Built around this adventure by "G.J. Caesar".

Part academic research tool, part nostalgic rush, it's a relic of the past you can play.

Includes introduction by Playing at the World author Jon Peterson.

"So, my fellow nerds, I say to thee: All those hours flipping through the Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide, graphing out intricate underground lairs, rolling polyhedral dice, play-acting orcs and beholders and tavern keepers and saucy wenches, and creating worlds from nothing—behold your great works. You took your passions and rolled a natural 20. You would have never believe it at the time, of course, especially when so many people looked at you as a little weird or too nerdy for your own good, but you’ve truly brought magic into the world." -Michael Hughes, contributor

"I wish I had the modules and monster sheets I painstakingly made in my youth. I used to cram them into envelopes and mail them, full of hope, to Dragon magazine. I suppose it's possible that they're in a filing cabinet at Hasbro or whomever ended up owning TSR's materials." -Cory Doctorow, author

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