Two Minutes to Midnight



2 Minutes to Midnight – A strategic game of the Cold War.
A game of influence, military, sabre-rattling, global trade, embargoes, technology, Soviet reforms, spies, and coups.

Play out the whole of the Cold War for one or two players.

Game Contents:
• One 34”x 22” game map
• One Technical board 18” x 22” (this matches up to the main map sizing)
• 80 cubes (40 red, 40 blue) - influence
• 45 semi-transparent discs in Red, Yellow and Blue - markers
• 40 wooden discs in Red, Grey and Blue - governments
• Three Counter sheets - nice, rounded counters
• One Rule book
• Six Scenario Sheets - graphical setup
• Four Quick reference sheets
• One SOLO reference sheet
• One Soviet player mat board
• 129 Event Cards, 30 Money/Oil etc. cards & 20 SOLO cards
• 8 Dice (red and blue, of course!)

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