Warmachine: Khador - Iron Fang Pikemen / Black Dragons Unit With Attachment (12) (Plastic)



Khador'S Heavily Armored Iron Fang Pikemen Are Charged With Hunting Down And Destroying Enemy Warjacks, Carrying Explosive-Tipped Blasting Pikes Designed To Tear Through The Thickest Armor Of Man Or Machine. The Most Veteran Of These Pikemen Are Welcomed Into The Elite Black Dragon Kompany, Where Their Experience And Precision Make Them Brutally Efficient On The Attack And Unbreakable In Defense. This Box Set (Pip 33104) Contains Three Color Stat Cards And All The Components To Assemble One Iron Fang Pikemen Unit And An Iron Fang Pikemen Unit Attachment Or Black Dragon Unit Attachment. A Player May Field Up To Two Iron Fang Pikeman Units For Each Warcaster In A Khador Army. Special Note: Pip 33104 Contains The Same Mk Ii Stat Cards As Pip 33090 And Pip 33027 As Well As A Stat Card For The Black Dragon Officer &Amp; Standard Unit Attachment. The Models In This Box Can Be Built To Represent The Same Figures As Pip 33090 And Pip 33027 In The Game. However, The Models In Pip 33104 Are New Sculpts And Therefore Look Different From The Models Found In Pip 33090 And Pip 33027. Pip 33104 Replaces Pips 33090 And 33027 By Offering Their Contents In Complete Units. In Addition, These Models Are Plastic Rather Than Metal. The Replaced Models Will No Longer Be Available From Privateer Press Beginning June 1, 2015.

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