Warmachine: Protectorate Of Menoth - Battlegroup Box Starter Set (Plastic)



Warmachine Battlegroup Starter Boxes Are The Ideal Way To Get Started Collecting A Warmachine Army. Features: For Veteran Players, Each Box Contains A Brand New, Exclusive Warcaster. For New Players, Each Box Contains A Core Rules Digest, An In-Depth Tutorial, And A Full Battlegroup-Everything They Need To Jump Right Into The Game. Trade Points: You Will Want To Make Sure You Have A Stock Of Warmachine: Prime On Hand As Those Books Are An Ideal Additional Purchase For A New Player. For Veteran Players Make Sure To Have Plenty Of Warmachine 2016 Faction Decks As They Will Be Essential For Existing Players To Update Their Collections To The New Edition. Special Note: Pip 31121 Replaces Pip 31063. Pip 32117 Replaces Pip 32062. Pip 33118 Replaces Pip 33064. Pip 34127 Replaces Pip 34067. Pip 35075 Replaces Pip 35053. The Replaced Pips Will No Longer Be Available As Of June 1, 2016.

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