Akora TCG: Spellbound Wings Booster Box (1st Edition)



Welcome to one of the newest entries to the TCG market - Akora TCG! Set in the world of Alchemy, this new TCG presents your first opportunity to jump into this-lore-rich world. Akora TCG is a fast paced anime inspired card game based around alchemy. 

Akora TCG 1st Edition Spellbound Wings incorporates all of the Alchemy and wonders of the Inervia realm. Find your Akora, build an Alchemy deck and battle your friends to become a Master Alchemist! What secrets does this booster box have and who will uncover them?

 Each box of Akora TCG Spellbound Wings 1st Edition comes packaged in a unique Akora TCG branded acrylic display case!

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