Cantrip Candles: Forest of Fae - Waxmelts



 Mysterious, Verdant, Umbral
Notes: Jasmine, Neroli, Tomato Leaf & Amber

Stepping through the arched branches, I find myself bathed in moonlight. Soft, loamy soil pads my footsteps as sweet flowers coax me further into the unknown. Glowing lights float near the ground, casting shadows amongst the briars. 

Can't use a candle where you are? Our wax melts are a game changer! Simply place a piece or two of our 100% soy wax into any wax melter, and sit back as the scent slowly fills the room.

Scent throw depends on the melter strength, size of the room, and how much wax is used. Each of the wax melt packages has more than enough for a few sessions! As a word of caution, if you are in an extremely hot region make sure to receive the wax melts in an air conditioned space. They won't last long in the heat. 

Contains 5oz of 100% Soy Wax and poured in small batches

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