Chrono Corsairs



Groundhog Day ... With Pirates!

On the cursed shores of Ouroboros Island, a fearsome time storm has wrecked several pirate ships in a desolate harbor. What’s worse: you’re cursed to live the same day over and over again until the time storm subsides!

Players simultaneously select plans to place into their timeline then follow their plans to move their crew around the island. Events happen at the same time in the same place every loop - so as the island is explored, its secrets are unlocked and players learn to avoid its many dangers.

As the time storm’s intensity increases during the course of the game, it unlocks new scoring opportunities and produces strange anomalies. When the storm breaks, the game ends and the pirate with the most treasure is the winner.

• 5 Ship Mats
• 1 Game Board
• 65 Pirate Meeples
• 10 Plan Cubes
• 9 Island Tiles
• 4 Cave Tiles
• 28 Event Tokens
• 49 Plan Cards
• 88 Time Gem Tokens
• 9 Anomoly Cards
• 35 Artifact Cards
• 5 Flag Markers
• 65 Doubloons
• Time Marker
• Heart of the Vortex Token
• Storm Stability Marker
• Rulebook

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