Drinks and Daggers



It isn't easy being the greatest adventurers in the world of Drunkeros, but someone has to keep the peace and protect the innocent from city-razing red dragons, scheming warlords with armies of loyal "family", and muscle-bulging, ham-fisted orcs with a mother complex!

Based on the hit roleplaying podcast "Drunks & Dragons", Drinks & Daggers is a co-operative drinking game where you and your friends must use your unique skillsets to protect the world from fearsome enemies by taking on the role of Aludra, Harper, Thom, Jaela, and so many more!

• Work with your friends to take on One of Three different enemies with any combination of 8 unique heroes, each with their own set of powers.
• Gorgeous, full-color art on each card.
• Easy to learn at any skill level.
• Hilarious and fun if you're sober or have had a few. Drinks & Daggers is a cooperative drinking card game set in the world of the podcast Drunks and Dragons. Step into the shoes of Aludra, Harper, Jaela, Thom (and hopefully some other heroes), as they take on some of Drunkeros' biggest villains.

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