Forged Gaming: Dragon Wrath - Metal RPG Dice Set



This set is brushed copper outlining a field of deep red dragon scales. 

Whether you're rolling for the win or chucking them at a kobold to defend your party these dice are right for the job.

Just don't really throw them. They're heavy...They hurt.


  • This heavy duty set of 7 polyhedral die are made of solid METAL
  • Each set of 7 die contains one of each D4, D6, D8, D10 numbered 0-9, D10 marked in tens 00-90 for percentages, D12, and a D20
  • Dice Dimensions
    • D20: 23mm, D6: 16mm, D12: 20mm,  D10: 18mm, D%: 18mm, D4: 19mm, D8: 15mm

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