Games Workshop: Necromunda - Ash Wastes (300-90)



The boxed set contains:

  • 26 plastic miniatures, each supplied with the appropriate Citadel bases 
    • 12 House Orlock models, including two Outrider Quads
    • 14 Ash Waste Nomads, including four Dustback Helamites
  • An array of modular Ash Wastes terrain including:
    • 2x Ash Wastes Hab Building
    • 1x Large Platform
    • 2x Small Platform
    • 5x Walkways
    • Double-sided gaming mat
    • All of the dice, tokens, cards, and templates needed to play
    • Rules for the weapons and fighters included in the box
  • A 176-page hardcover Necromunda: Ash Wastes rulebook

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