Hordes: Legion Of Everblight - Carnivean/Ravagore/Scythean Heavy Warbeast Box



This Box Set Contains Three Color Stat Cards And One Multi-Part Heavy Warbeast Plastic Model. Included Are All The Components To Assemble One Of Three Heavy Warbeast Variants: Carnivean, Ravagore, Or Scythean. Special Note: Pip 73057 Contains The Same Mk Ii Stat Cards As Pip 73008, Pip 73045 And Pip 73046. The Model In This Box Represents The Same Figures As Pip 73008, 73045, Or 73046 In The Game. However, The Model In Pip 73057 Is A New Sculpt And Therefore Looks Different From The Model Found In Pip 73008, 73045, And 73046. In Addition, This Model Is Plastic Rather Than Metal. Pip 73008, 73045, And 73046 Will No Longer Be Available From Privateer Press Beginning February 1,2012.

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