In the Palm of Your Hand



Leon's box of souvenirs fascinates his grandchildren. Help him recall memories from his photos using the souvenirs in the box! Draw a card, mime the picture on the card using the souveniers in the palm of another player's hand, then have them try and recognize the memory from the cards selected.

Gameplay overview:

In this delightfully tactile and team-based game, one player (grandchild) must “mime” memories depicted on cards by using objects in the palm of another player (grandparent), whose eyes are shut.

The grandchild draws 2 random cards from their hand, secretly looks at them, then uses objects to mime the memories in the grandparent's palm. The other team(s) only observes the mimes; they cannot see the card drawn.

The opposing team then adds 2 additional memory cards that resemble the mimes, in an effort to prevent the grandparent from choosing the correct memories. Additional cards are added from the deck, as needed, until there are 8 cards total.

The grandparent then opens their eyes and must find the 2 correct memories out of the 8 cards on the table. The active team gains 1 point per correct guess; the opposing team gains 1 point per incorrect guess. The game ends once everyone has had a chance to be the grandparent!

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