Pathfinder RPG: Adventure Path #121: The Lost Outpost (Ruins of Azlant 1 of 6)



The Ruins Of Azlant Adventure Path Begins With The Adventurers Standing On The Deck Of A Ship Ready To Make Landfall At Their New Home. However, Dread Settles In As They Notice That The Colony Is Empty And Abandoned. Tasked With Finding Out What Happened To The Previous Colonists, The Adventurers Go Ashore And Explore The Deserted Settlement. Uncovering Strange Evidence Leads The Adventurers Across The Island Where They Encounter Two Survivors That Can Give Them Clues As To What Happened The Rest Of The First Wave Of Colonists. Can The Adventurers Survive Long Enough To Discover What Truly Happened? “ The Lost Outpost” Is A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Adventure For 1St-Level Characters. The Adventure Kicks Off The Ruins Of Azlant Adventure Path, An Exciting Voyage To An Unknown Land. Several New Monsters, Details On The Other Colonists, And An Ecology Of The Aboleth And Its Kin Round Out This Volume Of The Pathfinder Adventure Path!


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