Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies - Misfortune Cat



Here to turn meows into ows.
Sometimes, no matter what you do, everything seems to go your way. Enough! This fantastically forsaken feline is a Misfortune Cookies' original, and is here to pile on enough misery that you'll be ready to call it a day while having breakfast. 

It's high time you gave your life the direction it deserves – down and out.

A single wave back and you're doomed forever!
Fate finally catches up with you – right in the comfort of you own home.
This kitty knows all about tough breaks!

  • Height 14 cm; requires two AAA batteries (Not included!)
  • Perfect Holiday or Year-Round Decoration
  • Great conversation starter (let your friends know how goth you are with this show piece!)
  • Who doesn't love cats? You can even feel sorry for this damaged kitty!

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