Re-Ment: Kirby of the Stars - Hungry Kirby Kitchen Blind Box



Cooking with Kirby and Waddle Dee. A variety of kitchen items with cute Kirby motifs. Contents include figures and mini-sheets. There are 8 kinds in total, and the lineup is as follows

1、Morning meal is fresh toast★
2、Who snacked on the cream?
3、 How about freshly brewed tea?
4、 Pizza with tomato sauce
5、 Special lunch today★
6、 Handmade madeleines as a snack
7、 Chicken rice is all yours
8、 Clean up after you finish eating

You can create a diorama of your kitchen with the special box purchase offer. Also, the oven can be opened to hold a tray.

Kirby fans won't want to miss out on the "Hoshi no Kirby: Hungry Kirby Kitchen". Why not recreate a cute kitchen in your own home?

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