Re-Ment: Pokemon - Pokemon Town 3: Sea Breeze Street Blind Box



"Gotta Collect'em All!"
Your favorite Pokemon have been shrunken down to Poke Ball size to live in their own little nature filled worlds and on top of your shelves with the Re-ment set: "Pokemon Town Vol.3"!
No surprises to be had as you can be sure to collect and display all 6 types with one purchase with Plaza Japan!
Collect them all including everyone's favorite, Pikachu!
The following 6 types are included:
1. Pikachu & Wingull
2. Pelipper & Smoochum
3. Suduwoodo
4. Buizel
5. Espeon
6. Meowstic (male & female)
This is a must have collectable for all Pokemon enthusiasts! Be sure to display this set with our other Pokemon Re-ment sets!

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