Regicide (Black Box)



"A sinister corruption has spread throughout the four great kingdoms, blackening the hearts of once-loved Kings and Queens and those who protect them. As brave adventurers you must work together using the special powers of your champions and animal companions. Overthrow the corrupted monarchs, purge them of their darkness, and add them to your ranks so that life can be brought to the land once more."

Regicide is a cooperative, fantasy card game for 2 to 4 players, played using a standard deck of cards. Work together without any communication. Do you and your friend have what I takes to stop the corrupt Jacks, Queens, and Kings of Regicide?!?

★ Quick Game Play
★ Travel/Pocket Size
★ Solo Mode

• 52 Cards with Unique Art
• 1 Manual

Ages 10+, 1-4 players, 5-20 minutes

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