Robo Rally



Gentle-Robots... Start Your Microprocessors!

If you thought that factory robots took the weekend off like you do (well, most of you), then you haven’t seen a ROBO RALLY yet. When the supervisors are gone and the cameras have been angled to watch the ceiling, the robots take charge and participate in exciting and deadly race-battles. ROBO RALLY is a competitive racing game full of robotic chaos! Program your robotto tag checkpoints, attach powerful upgrades, and turn this dreary old warehouse into a fabulous fast and frenzied fun factory!


Includes 6 pre-painted robot miniatures!
Over 80 different possible race course possibilities! Includes four double-sided factory gameboards, and thirteen pre-made race courses.
Options for short or long races, starter through advanced courses, and variants for play!

6 Pre-Painted Robot Figures
6 Robot Player Mats
4 Double-Sided Factory Gameboards
1 Double-Sided Docking Bay Gameboard
6 Plastic Checkpoint Markers
120 Programming Cards (6 decksof 20)
40 Damage Cards
40 Upgrade Cards
8 Energy Tracking Cubes
18 Tokens (6 each of Reboot, Archive, Checkpoint Tracking)
1 Large Player Aid Card
1 Priority Token
1 Sticker Sheet
1 Rulebook

2-6 Players
45-90 Minutes
Ages 12+

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