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Welcome to Slasher, an asymmetrical cooperative comedy horror game built using a vicious, minimalist version of the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG system. Slasher is inspired by The Cabin in the WoodsDead by Daylight, and classic horror movies.

We like to refer to Slasher as a puzzle crawler because you move through each level developing solutions to vanquish or escape from increasingly strong horror villains while collecting more items to assist with future encounters. Direct combat is highly discouraged and will likely lead to death, each encounter is a puzzle in and of itself.

Slasher features a roguelite structure with light character progression and item collection where your party must complete all the levels without a TPK, or they start back at the beginning with brand new characters. However, as long as one person survives a level, your party is able to create new characters to keep moving on to the next.

This module includes:

  • Generated artwork created by idofinternet
  • 10 character classes
  • Rules for custom classes
  • Rules for classless characters
  • 10 starting weapons
  • 10 pieces of starting equipment
  • 11 levels with narrative introductions
  • 11 Slashers inspired by iconic horror villains and creatures
  • 10 gameplay items
  • 100 Slasher items
  • Character sheets and player facing rules handouts

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