Snap Ships Tactics Starter Box



Tired of static miniatures in fixed poses? With the Snap Ships modular building system you can build and rebuild units at will. Design, build, and battle with your own custom squadron - the only limit is your creativity! The Starter Box includes everything you need to start playing 1v1 or solo against an AI ship. With 8 unique ship builds, and over 100 individual plastic pieces, you'll have everything you need to construct your perfect ship! In the box: 8 Chassis Cards and 24 AI Cards, 28 Part Cards, 10 Custom Dice, 2 Heavy Duty Flight Stands, 2 Hull and Evasion Trackers, 2 Plastic Move tools, Terrain, ID, and Missile Tokens, 30 Energy and Heat Cubes, and 3 Range Rulers.

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