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The Supershow is a wrestling tabletop dice and card game for 2 - 6 players. Supershow is the worlds first UCG, or Unpredictable Card Game, that takes place in the underground wrestling word of the Legendary Fighting Federation. The goal of the game is to hit your finish card for a chance to defeat your opponent.

The Supershow gives players the back and forth excitement of a live wrestling match using its unique turn structure. Players attempt to build up to their Finish cards by using Lead and Follow-up cards. Once you hit one of your three devastating Finish cards you will attempt to keep your opponent down for the three-count, but the match will only end he doesn't break-out. If he breaks-out, then the crowds excitement goes up and the next finish is more likely to end the high-energy match. The simplicity of the rules allow games to last just 5 - 10 minutes, while still being highly competitive and too exciting to just have one match.

The Supershow also has mechanics that for multiplayer formats, three-way, four-way, 2-4 player tag team, tornado tag team, each format can be elimination style or first to Finish. This is on top of different match types that are played with no additional purchases, such as escape the cage or submission match.

With over 90+ players at the Supershow World Championship at GenCon 2017, the Supershow is more than a game you play with some friends, it's a community of players competing year round to have the bragging rights of World Champion. The founders of SRG Universe are life long gaming and wrestling fans and treat the Supershow as a wrestling promotion.

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