Sword Art Online: Sword of Fellows (Deluxe Edition)



A cooperative dice-based battle game for 1-4 players! Each player takes on the role of one of six characters trapped in the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online. Team up with your friends or go solo against a series of obstacles which you must overcome to win this dice-based battle game. Use your unique fighting techniques in tandem with your allies to launch chain attacks and defeat the enemies of ⚟Aincrad⚞. Upgrade your box art and character cards in the deluxe version, available only here through Japanime Games, or visit one of our show booths!

• 25 Cards (6 Characters Cards, 10 Scenario Cards, 8 Item Cards, 1 Support Card)
• 30 Tokens (10 pcs of 1/2 damage, 12 pcs of 5/10 damage, 1 Lisbeth Power, 1 Silica Power, 4 Ability Power, 1 Step Token, 1 Blank Token)
• 14 Dice (4 main Dice, 4 Support Dice, 6 Character Dice)
• 1 Rulebook

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