The Ghosts Betwixt



Young Richie has been kidnapped! He was last seen taken into the Bennert family’s farmhouse, which transforms into the Worlds of Terror haunted house during the Halloween season. The Bennerts’ haunted attraction has fallen on hard times, as thrill-seeking audiences begin opting for more impressive haunted houses found in the city. However, the Bennerts own the ultimate wild card – and they will play it tonight to resurrect the family business.

Join Richie’s family Bill, Joan, Avelynn and Maddox as they battle the Bennert family in this campaign-driven cooperative dungeon crawler!

The Ghosts Betwixt is a light-hearted, cooperative horror dungeon crawler set in 1990s Midwestern suburbia, wrapped around a multi-layered mystery. Why Richie? What are the Bennerts up to? What does "Worlds of Terror" have to do with the kidnapping? There's only one way to find out...

In the game, 1-4 players will team up to explore a challenging, story-driven campaign. With multi-tiered and unlockable loot, multiple talent trees for each family member, stat customization and legacy elements, The Ghosts Betwixt aims to be the next memorable dungeon crawler!

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