It's a lazy morning, but you have a lot of work to do in 1930's Tokyo. Each player takes on the role of a restaurant owner who must face other traders in bustling auctions in search of the best of fish and seafood. Understand the market logic, manipulate the prices, set traps, sabotage your opponents, and seek the greatest profit possible in this tense fight for the finest fish in all of Japan!

In Tsukiji, your goal isto be the most well-prepared buyer, being able to influence price swings and make the best purchases, ending the game with the most valuable set of Product Cards for your restaurant. At the end of the game, the player who finishes with more money after the conversion of their products wins the match.

• 105 Cards
• 36 Evaluation Tickets
• 12 Price Tablets
• 51 Coins
• 5 Fish Meeples
• 1 Quotation Board
• 1 First Player Token
• 1 Rulebok

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