Turing Machine



The smartest deduction game

Turing Machine
 is one-of-a-kind deduction game. It is fast, demanding, and intense! Find the secret code using a ‘mechanical’ computer that works with punch cards alone. Ask the machine the right questions and find the answer before everyone else.

★ Unique components
★ An intense, demanding, and fascinating experience
★ Quick games (20 minutes)
★ A game with great depth across a range of difficulty levels
★ Unparalleled replayability thanks to an online application boasting more than 7 million challenges
★ Solo and cooperative modes available

• 1 Central Tile
• 1 Punch-Card Holder (assembly required)
• 45 Punch-Cards (3 sets of 15 cards numbered 1-5 in 3 colours)
• 48 Criteria cards
• 96 Verification cards
• 50 Note Sheets
• 4 Screens
• 1 Marker

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