Fresh fruit and veggies! The best in the market! Look at these strawberries, ma’am!

In Veggies, a.k.a. Magazynier, 2-4 players compete to build the most successful produce stand in the market from eight cards that they’ll place turn by turn. Each card contains six spots in a 2×3 layout, with those spots containing strawberries, bananas, grapes, carrots, mushrooms, an empty pallet, or rats. On a turn, play the card in your hand or a card of your choice from the row of three cards into your personal layout. You can overlap the cards as you wish so long as you retain a grid structure to how they’re laid out. If you played from your hand, you draft a face-up card to end your turn, then reveal a new card.

When each player has placed eight cards, the game ends. Players score points for the largest group of the good of their choice, but the rest of the players also score this good, so try to dominate one type of good for yourself while also building up goods that others will score. Your score for a good is the number of distinct groups of that good multiplied by the number of crates in your largest group of that good. Empty pallets are worth 0 points, and rats are -2 points, so you better cover them up to keep from scaring customers! Whoever has the most points wins.

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