Warmachine: Protectorate Of Menoth - Guardian/Indictor Heavy Warjack Kit (Plastic)



This Plastic Kit Contains The Parts To Build Either A New Resculpt Of The Guardian Heavy Warjack Or The New Indictor Heavy Warjack. Features: The Indictor Brings Durable Enemy Spell Denial To Protectorate Forces Thanks To Its Consecration Ability That Prevents Enemy Models From Casting Spells While Within 5' Of It, And Spell Ward, Which Prevents Enemy Models From Being Able To Target It With Spells. The Guardian, On The Other Hand, Uses Its Durability To Help Deliver Its Warcaster'S Spells Deep Into The Heart Of The Battle Thanks To Its Arc Node Advantage. Trade Points: At A Solid Point Cost Of 15 The Guardian And Indictor Provide Powerful Tools For Warcasters Like Grand Scrutator Severius (Pip 32114), Hierarch Severius (Pip 32049), And The Harbinger Of Menoth (Pip 32031). As A Combined Kit, Retailers Should Order Higher Quantities Than Usual To Ensure They Have Enough Stock On Hand To Meet Demand. Special Note: Pip 32091 Replaces Pip 32022. The Replaced Pip Will No Longer Be Available As Of December 1, 2016.

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