WizKids 4D Settings: Stone Bridge



Bring your adventure to life with WizKids 4D Settings: Stone Bridge. These scenes offer more than just pre-painted miniatures for you, they offer exciting new play experiences and storytelling narratives.

The Stone Bridge comes with a three-piece bridge, risers, two figures, and over 30 pieces of accessories that will allow you to configure your bridge to fit your needs. What adventures await your campaign? A deadly encounter with a troll? An escape from a pursuing rival army? Or possibly just another landmark along the way to the next destination.

This box contains:
  • 2x Stone Bridge Ends
  • 1x Stone Bridge Middle
  • 4x Stone Bridge End Pillars
  • 6x Stone Bridge End Pillar Caps
  • 4x Broken Chain
  • 2x Chain Gate
  • 2x Bridge Rubble
  • 1x Toll Bridge Sign
  • 2x Posts with Friction Fit
  • 2x Road Signs
  • 1x Troll Sign
  • 4x Wooden Blockades
  • 2x Heads on Spikes
  • 4x Spike Terrain
  • 2x Guard Hut
  • 1x Bridge Riser, Stone
  • 2x Bridge Riser, Dirt
  • 1x Male Guard
  • 1x Female Guard

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