WizKids: Warlock Tiles - Town & Village I



With Town & Country, you`ll have everything you need for a town or countryside adventure scenario. Mix and match with other WarLock Tiles for even larger adventure setups. This Set Includes: 24x (2x2) WarLock Tiles, 4x Plaster Walls 2in, 4x Plaster Walls with Half Window 2in, 4x Plaster Walls with Cracked Wall 2in, 4x Plaster Exterior Wall Doors 2in, 4x Plater Exterior Wall Doors 1in, 5x Plaster Interior Walls 2in (Style 1), 5x Plaster Interior Walls 2in (Style 2), 5x Plaster Interior Walls 2in (Style 3), 5x Plaster Interior Doors, 8x Wood Corner Pillars, 5x Plaster Walls OutsidPlaster Walls Inside Corner, 5x Plaster Walls Outside Corner, 20x Wood Beam Edge Caps, 90x WarLock Clips, 8x DRAGONLOCK Clips, 8x OpenLOCK Clips

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