Wonder Book



Wonder Book is a pop-up adventure board game for 1 to 4 players in which each player takes the role of a teenage kid in a group of adventurous friends. This is a cooperative game, where you all win or lose together as a team. Featuring finely sculpted miniatures that you will be able to paint yourself and a ton of full color paper engineered pop-up terrain.

Wonder Book will hit all the right notes for you and your family and invoke all those happy moments when colors, shapes, and 3 dimensions met your love of reading.


- An innovative pop-up book instead of a game board! 

- Interactive 3D scenarios

- A 10-hour-long campaign, replayable by choosing different paths. Challenge yourself to reach a higher score!

- Meaningful storyline choices

- 6 campaign chapters, each revolving around a different pop-up mechanic


  • 1 Pop-up book
  • 4 Hero miniatures
  • 8 Wyrm miniatures
  • 5 Dice
  • 17 Sparks of Magic
  • 40 Heart tokens
  • 10 Destiny tokens
  • 8 Stun tokens
  • 1 Dark Aura token
  • 248 Cards, divided into 6 chapter decks
  • 6 Wyrm cards
  • 16 Shred cards
  • 1 Mysterious envelope

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