Cockroach Poker + Cheating Moth | Games That Let You Cheat | Quick Read

Check out these weird card games. They let you cheat! With all the new games coming out every year, it seems obvious in retrospect that there would be games about cheating. Cheating Moth and Cockroach Poker, though, do it well.

Cheating Moth is a shedding card game where you want to discard your whole hand, one card at a time. However, you can’t discard Moth cards. So how do you get rid of them? Cheat! One player is a Guard Bug that wants to catch cheaters, so you have to be crafty to get one over on the Guard Bug.

Cockroach Poker is similarly transgressive. There are plenty of games about subtle deceit and bluffing, but Cockroach Poker is about straight up lying. You pick a player to give a face-down card, and tell them what card it is. Or just lie about it. If they call your bluff, the player who’s wrong keeps the card as a negative point. Simple, straightforward, but intense!

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