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Root is one of the best hobby board games to have come out in the past couple of years, so naturally it deserves it’s own line of expansions. However, the expansions for Root are a little more interesting than other games. Let’s see what the current line of Root expansions have to offer!

Riverfolk Expansion - introduces two new factions, as well as rules to automate the Marquise de Cat faction. This lets people play up to six players; or lets one person play a solo game; or lets a group play cooperatively. The new Lizardfolk Cult fights a religious war, fighting Outcasts in crusades. The Riverfolk Company aims to profit off of the other players’ conflicts.

Underworld Expansion - introduces two more factions, and two new maps on a two-sided board. The Underground Duchy is slow to expand, but their holdings become unassailable. The Corvid Conspiracy are a sneaky faction, like the rabble-rousing Woodland Alliance, but instead just want to blow stuff up. The new Lake Map makes traversal difficult, unless you control the Raft. The Mountain Map requires players to clear routes before using them.

Clockwork Expansion - includes rules for automating the original four factions. Improves the automation rules for the Marquis de Cat, as well. Expands Root to become a fully solo-able, cooperative or competitive system of games.

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