Five Family Friendly Board Games to Play This Holiday Season! | 2-Minute Reads

Looking to entertain a lot of family members this holiday season? These tabletop games are easy to learn and are well suited for a large number of players. They’re great for having fun with your family!

A twist on Charades or Pictionary, Concept uses emojis instead! Put tokens on which emojis to give everyone hints to guess the secret word. Easy to teach, easy to play, easy to have fun with! Plays as many people as you’d like!

First half of the game is like Twenty Questions, but someone’s trying to sabotage the game. Second half is figuring out who the saboteur is. A little bit word game, a little big bluffing and deduction! Plays up to 10 players.

Formula D
Roll the dice to speed your car forward, and shift gears to use bigger dice. But be careful of the turns, going to fast will wreck your car! Plays up to 8 players.

Tiny Towns
Easy to learn, difficult to master! Arrange resource cubes to add buildings to your town, but don’t let other players jam up your town with resources you don’t need. Plays up to 6 players.

The Captain is Dead 
Everyone has a job on this starship, but enemy aliens are approaching and… the captain is dead! Work together to save the ship! Plays up to 7 players.

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