The Underrated Board Game that Embodies the Movie <i>Alien</i>

Wanna give your friends a scare for Halloween? Try this board game. Seriously.

Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space is one of the most intense, thrilling and scary experiences you can have from your tabletop.

Escape features a group of space scientists, sent into space in order to find a cure for an out-of-control-horrible-brain-disease-pandemic on Earth. In the process of trying to cure the disease, the scientists create a much worse alien-spore infection that sets the stage for the game. The ship, now on its way to becoming scrap metal, and the remaining crew trapped in darkness, must make a last-ditch effort and run for the escape pods back to earth. But, the infected, now-alien-crew stand between them and safety.

In the game, if you are lucky enough to still be a human, your objective is to try to escape the space station before it blows up. Or you may be one of the unlucky ones, infected with the alien spores-- hungry for human flesh; Although much more destructive and intelligent than the zombies featured in similar stories. To add more terror to the mix, A la The Thing, you also never know who is friend or foe. 

As an alien, you move quickly and swiftly across the ship, ready to pounce on a clumsy human. You are quick to consume, though, and another loud alien might accidentally become your dinner. It is dark after all, and flesh is flesh.

As a human, all you know is that they’re out there, hiding in the dark, hoping to devour you, should you accidentally make a noise. Listen carefully, and be clever with your tools, and you just might make it the escape pods, if they still remain. Maybe your crewmates made it there before you, leaving you stranded on board with the hungry aliens. Total darkness is the last thing you will ever see.

Very few players Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space alive.

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