Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons | Guide to Getting Your Feet Wet (2-Minute Read)

So you’ve heard of Dungeons & Dragons (thanks, Stranger Things!), but you are unsure of how to get started. You’re not alone! Here’s one of the fastest ways to get started with Dungeons & Dragons, from the official source:

  1. Get a group of interested friends. D&D is all about your party. Experience is not as important as excitement here!
  2. Pick up the 5th Edition Starter Set (found here). 5th Edition is the simplest and easiest edition for beginners. The Starter Set is cheap and has everything you need to begin your first adventure.
  3. Pick a Dungeon Master and have them read the Adventure Book (or at least the first part with the goblin cave). They’ll be in charge of running the campaign. They will need to familiarize themselves with the story that will be covered each time everyone meets.
  4. Have everyone else check out the rule book and pick characters. Players don’t need to know all the rules and there is plenty of room to tinker as you learn. Once everyone is familiar, you can worry about implementing consistent rules.
  5. Sit down to play! Remember to give everyone a chance to do cool stuff. The Dungeon Master gets the last word, but should never forget that it’s all about fun!
Dungeons and Dragons is a great time, and one of the most unique experiences in the world! To get more out of D&D early, pick up the Essentials Kit. You can create your own characters and continue the story from the Starter Set. Good luck, have fun, and may all your rolls be natural twenties!
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