The <i>Strange</i> Impact of <i>Stranger Things</i> on Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) has been around since the mid 70's. It initially started as a variation on the miniature war game ChainmailIt had immediate success and was a staple for many years. But as time went on, enthusiasm for the game began to dwindle. And, with the wild un-success of 4th edition, the game had not seen the expected growth.

Then came along Mike, Dustin, and Will. The lovable central characters to the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, reignited D&D again after the show featured it in several episodes. It was even the opening scene to the now cult-status show.

Stranger Things introduced a whole new generation of fresh faces to the wonders of Dungeons and Dragons. With the introduction of the game to "the unaware," more people started adopting the game as a means to bond with their friends and families and experience the excitement that the gang displayed in the show. 

From there, Netflix and Wizards of the Coast (the owner of D&D) partnered up and created the Stranger Things Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons. This gave the new players the opportunity to not only dip their toes into D&D but also do it while playing it out as the familiar characters of Stranger Things. The starter set even came with some sweet Demogorgon Miniatures.

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