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One of the most recent "legacy" games, My City, has proven to be very popular in Europe, and is finally becoming available in North America. My City continues to evolve the concept of legacy games. Many people have balked at the weird new concepts that many legacy games use as a crutch to make their game unique. Whether or not by design, My City creates a unique experience without a bunch of gimmicks.

To start off with, My City is small and affordable, with a price point lower than almost every other legacy game out there. And, while it makes extensive use of stickers, My City doesn’t require players to tear up or discard or destroy components. Instead, the stickers are presented as customization - hence the title “My" City. Finally, the game fully develops it’s alternate “eternal” mode with no legacy elements, allowing players to play without any destructive elements.

My City is a fun, simple game that anyone in the family can enjoy, but is also a great way for people to try legacy games in a rewarding and low-commitment way.

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