Three Dungeons and Dragons Alternatives You Need to Try

Dungeons & Dragons is certainly the most popular and notable role-playing game. But, it’s far, far from the only one available. People have been riffing on D&D and innovating new RPGs for decades, so modern RPGs are streamlined, easy to play, and highly creative. Let’s shine some light on some fantastic alternative RPGs that deserve more attention.

Dungeon Crawl Classics - In the style of Old School Renaissance, Dungeon Crawl Classics recaptures the atmosphere of RPGs from the 70s. DCC is random, brutal, a little horrific and weird, but above all, hilarious.



Tales From The Loop - Inspired by the mood of Simon Stålenhag’s compelling artwork, this game mixes nostalgia of 80s childhoods with mysterious mad science. Player characters have to deal with school, parents, and tackling the threat of rogue robots.



Kids On Bikes - Instead of sci-fi 80s nostalgia, Kids On Bikes dives into horror movie 80s nostalgia. Players play kids who face the darkness and solve mysteries that adults are too stuck up to worry about. Stranger Things and IT are close cousins to this dark RPG.


Honorable Mention

No Thank You, Evil! - For RPG fans that want to introduce the joys of collaborative storytelling to their kids. The rules and mechanics are simplified so kids as young as 6 or 7 can understand them, and even younger kids can play along too. With their parent as the Guide to encourage their creativity, No Thank You, Evil! is rewarding for kids of all ages, 5 to 105. 


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