Splendor Marvel and Our Quest to Save the Galaxy! | Limelight Series

Now this is how you make a good theme game! Splendor is already a standout in the board game hobby, so let’s put a super exciting theme on it. Instead of chasing gems and Renaissance nobles, in Splendor Marvel we chase Infinity Stones to defeat Thanos. 

Players spend their turn either collecting Infinity Stones, or using the Infinity Stones to recruit new superheroes. Players can recruit Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Black Widow, and more. With 16 points in superheroes, a player can rebuild the Infinity Gauntlet and rescue the galaxy!

As a board game fan, it’s very exciting to see publishers combine an existing game known for its excellence with a fun, familiar theme that everyone knows and loves. The Splendor Marvel game is fun for board game hobbyists, but easy to play for people less-familiar with tabletop gaming. 

Consider this a great buy for family get togethers this holiday season!

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