Twilight Imperium Expansion: Prophecy of Kings | Limelight Series
In several ways, Twilight Imperium is already one of the biggest games ever. It has a reputation in the board game hobby for not only its box size, but its large level of commitment required to play. There's a lot to the game. There are people who see Twilight Imperium’s excess as a lack of restraint and elegance. But many others see its true nature: a grand space opera on par with Dune, or Game of Thrones, or even Star Wars.


The first ever expansion to Twilight Imperium, Prophecy of Kings, recently released and it amazingly offers even more options for seasoned "TI" players.

It includes player pieces and map tiles which allow up to 8 players to play-- increasing the player count two (previously six). Additionally, a whopping 7 all-new factions join the galactic stage allowing for 24 different factions if you include the count from the base game. And, there are two new rules additions: Leaders add interesting twists to combat and diplomacy, and add character to your faction. Exploration cards make flipping map tiles over even more exciting, offering new risks, rewards and dangers to expanding your empire. 

Prophecy of Kings is a much needed addition to this behemoth of a game. It may appear to be over-the-top addition to an already rich gaming experience, but for a game that was released in 1997, it is time that a little more 'excess' is added to Twilight Imperium. 


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